The “Teleportation Experiment” Actually Invented A Tricorder, Not Teleportation

The internet is abuzz about how Delft University scientists created the transporter from Star Trek took the first steps to teleportation by supposedly moving a particle from one place to 10 feet away. As much as I love science fiction this unfortunately is not what the internet is making it out to be.

First, what the experiment actually did was move information about a particle 10 feet away without any physical aid. That is, the particle itself was not moved, only information about it was.

So what does this gathering information and then transmitting it remind you of? It’s a closer to a Tricorder, that sensor the federation uses to pick up whatever quantum science-jargon is happening. That’s not say this is a let down, good sensors could revolutionize technology in itself; and it’s even conceivable be a pre-step to actually moving the article from one place to another, after which we would have a microcosm of  what it would take to make a teleporter.