The Medium is the Crass Age: Cloud Atlas and Our Stoney Ends

Welcome to the Nightmaze

Where to begin?  In the year 2321 (After the Fall) when the grubby shepherd Tom Hanks and the saintly-spandexed Halle Berry talk in some broken Mark Twain dialect (is this the “true true” Aunt Jemima?), while running from cannibal Aztec warlords, not to mention NO-T.Hanks’ inner demon, a rock-n-roll leprachaun jealous of Berry’s baggage?  The Titanic “fell”, this T.anks!  Well, the film actually begins with T.hanks all matured into wisdom (proof of which is his vacant eye socket, plundered by an Aztec warlord), telling his tale to children by the fire. We have to wait 3 hours before we can see this sage grab Halle Berry’s granny ass, while they guffaw in well-earned smugness.  It wasn’t worth it.

However, the complete indecency of a film purported not just to entertain but to educate, and which goes about it through the misadventures of an ever-present but never visible cybernetic…

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